Behind EKOBO


Founders, Franco-American duo Bruno & Boo Louis, stand by their mission to be pioneers in eco-design.

We’ve been long-devoted to improving the way we engage with people and our planet, but our creative process is fueled by our own family - our three girls, our messy real life needs; each collection expands as our own kids grow.
While bamboo has always been at the center of their work, we've evolved over the years to introduce other sustainable materials such as cork, rePET fabric, food grade silicone and GOTS certified organic cotton.

The 500+ reference premium bamboo fibre range started with one kids set. As new parents of our first daughter (now 14!), we could not find BPA free, Disney free tableware. We quickly saw the need for reusable, non-toxic dishware for kids. Leaning on our years of expertise in Fairtrade bamboo handicraft and a background in product design, in 2011, we developed what is now our signature BIOBU® FSC-certified bamboo fibre eco-composite.
Combining sawdust waste from chop-stick factories and a 100% food safe melamine binding resin, this material is a real alternative to traditional plastic, fragile and disposable dinnerware.
We’ve always believed that being green isn’t a fad, or an option, so we remain committed to making products that are durable, safe, thoughtful alternatives for today, but most importantly, for tomorrow. All our products are meant to be used and REUSED, by big and little, day in and day out, indoors or outdoors.
Thank you for being a part of our family’s adventure.
Boo & Bruno // Founders of EKOBO
Since 2003

Photo by  ©Lydiametral Production / Styling: Mandarine Verrier